ISW Network Executive Team & Advisory Committee

ISW Network

We are an informally-linked international group of educators using the ISW model and processes to enhance learning.

Vision for the ISW Network

We are a vibrant, generous community of colleagues engaged collaboratively in enhancing learning through workshops, reflective practice, and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Mission for the ISW Network Executive Team & Advisory Committee

We provide support, guidance, and leadership, in collaboration with other ISW facilitators and FDW trainers, to encourage members of the ISW Network to work together to achieve the ISW vision.

ISW Executive Team

Jill Grose Ontario, Canada
Jan Johnson British Columbia, Canada
Nancy Sly British Columbia, Canada
Diane Morrison British Columbia, Canada

ISW Committee Members

Name Affiliation
Carol Tapsell Independent FDW Trainer, Ontario Canada
Cynthia Welsh Independent FDW Trainer, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Diane Morrison Independent FDW Trainer, British Columbia, Canada
Jan Johnson University of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada
Jeanie Cockell Independent FDW Trainer, British Columbia, Canada
Jennifer WenShya Lee Independent Trainer, Chongqing, China
Jill Grose Brock University, Ontario, Canada
Joseph Finckel Asuntuck Community College, Connecticut, USA
Joseph Topornycky University of British Columbia, British Columbia, Canada
Kathryn Brillinger Conestoga College, Ontario Canada
Kathryn Weiss San Bernardino College, California, USA
Moira MacLoughlin Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Alberta, Canada
Nancy Sly Independent FDW Trainer, British Columbia, Canada
Nancy Thompson Association of Workplace Educators of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia, Canada
Rosario Passos British Columbia Institute of Technology, British Columbia, Canada
Roselynn Verwoord University of British Columbia, Canada
Sharon Gusky Northwestern Connecticut Community College, Connecticut USA