Translation Guidelines

ISW Network Translation Guidelines (.pdf)

Guidelines for the Translation of Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) Network Documents

The ISW website hosts a number of policy and resource documents for ISW Facilitators and FDW Trainers. Many of these documents are available in the password-protected area of the website, accessible only to those on the ISW Registry by logging in to their own ISW website account. The Registry Forms for ISW Facilitators and FDW Trainers may be found on the website (

A number of translated documents in various languages are available for those on the ISW Registry. These include translations of earlier versions of the ISW and FDW Handbooks.

To translate any ISW Network document, we require that you agree to the following:

Ownership and Voluntary Contributions

  1. Please inform the ISW Network Executive Team of your intent to translate the document by sending an email to
  2. Translators and Review Teams agree to undertake this work on a voluntary basis without financial compensation.
  3. Copyright for all documents remains with the ISW Network Executive Team.

Translation Process

  1. The translation is undertaken by more than one person (a team from within the institution or across institutions) so that dialogue can occur about the appropriate word choice for the information being translated.
  2. The translation follows the same formatting guidelines adopted by the original text.
  3. The names and institutions of the translators can be added to the documents in both English and the translated language – no other additional material can be included.
  4. Once a draft is ready, the original Translation Team invites feedback from other ISW Facilitators and/or FDW Trainers who comprise a Review Team. This should be 3 – 5 people, preferably from institutions other than those on the original Translation Team.
  5. Once edits are made, the final draft is shared with an individual who is proficient in both English and the translated language. It is recommended that this individual is a member of the ISW community and is familiar with the values of the program.
  6. Two copies of the translated document(s) are forwarded to the ISW Network Executive Team once the translation is completed – one in pdf format, and one in Microsoft Word format.
  7. Please provide a brief paragraph, in both English and the translated language, outlining the translation process and the people involved, so their efforts can be acknowledged.

Publishing and Distribution to the ISW Network

  1. In the case of Handbooks, the ISW Network Executive Team will obtain ISBN numbers for the published translations.
  2. Translated documents will be available through the ISW Network website ( for use by all members of the Network worldwide and will be placed in the same area of the website as the original (public or password protected).

We are excited to host many translated documents on the ISW website and we continue to be appreciative of the efforts and commitment of all those who undertake this important work!

If you have any questions about the process for translating documents, please feel free to contact the ISW Network Executive Team at