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ISW Sustainability Plan

The ISW Network Executive Team members continue to work towards sustainability of the ISW Network into the future. This initiative was precipitated by a number of factors including the steady growth of the Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) program both across Canada and globally, and the recognition of the work involved to manage the communications and other activities associated with this growth.…

Message from the Executive
(February 2023)

Happy New Year to all members of the Network across the globe! We are excited to see so many new ISW initiatives happening around the world and we look forward to hearing about many more collaborations within our various communities.

The ISW Network Executive Team has continued to meet monthly via Zoom to discuss ways in which we can best help to sustain the Network moving forward. The pandemic has certainly changed the way…

ISW Around the World

A very successful professional development initiative for educators, the Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) was created in British Columbia, Canada in 1979. Since then, hundreds of educators have served as ISW Facilitators offering ISWs in colleges, institutes, universities, polytechnics, hospitals, government departments, non-profits, and training organizations around the world. Places where Instructional Skills Workshops have been…