FDW Resources

FDW Trainers may access the printable versions of the first version of these resources available below. To access the resources you must Login or Create an Account. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding access to the FDW resources.

FDW Practical Resources (Login required)

This section contains information, strategies and ideas relevant to the planning and implementation of an Instructional Skills Workshop or a Facilitator Development Workshop. You will find sample memorandums, schedules, supplies lists, as well as many ISW and FDW feedback forms. The intent in sharing this material is to provide ideas to FDW Trainers, not to endorse a particular approach, documents, or forms. The first version of these resources is being placed on the ISW website as a single document, so material is in Word. In the future we hope to be able to accept contributions in all formats using a variety of media.

FDW Handbook Supplemental Materials (Login required)

Please note that these materials are from a variety of colleagues throughout our community. All are provided in Word format to make it easier for colleagues to adapt and change to meet their needs, but this does mean that formatting may suffer! Charts and graphs particularly fall directly under the spell of the “Word fairies” who have senses of humour beyond ours sometimes, so please check formatting and adjust to your system and your preferences.

These materials include topics dealt with in some FDWs; they are not intended to be a list of topics that anyone should cover in an FDW. What you as an FDW Trainer choose to include in your FDW is your professional choice, using your best professional judgment about what is most important for your participants.