ISW Network Privacy Policy

Effective date: February 1, 2014

The ISW Network collects and stores basic contact information provided voluntarily by members. This information is never shared with the public or external agencies without the knowledge of members.

List of ISW, FDW facilitators and trainers: The ISW Network hosts and maintains a database of ISW, FDW facilitators and trainers. Members contribute personal contact information voluntarily; the updated website provides forms that allow members to submit updates to the information or to request deletion of their information. The ISW Network shares this information publicly on the Site.

ISW Listserv: Members of the ISW Listserv, hosted by the ISW Network and linked on the Site, join voluntarily and share their email addresses. These addresses are only shared with other members of the Listserv and members can withdraw at any time.

Media/Content Submissions to new website: The personal contact information you must provide when submitting information to the website will be kept confidential unless you give permission for all or any part of it to be displayed on the open sections of the website.

The ISW Network suggests that you carefully consider the information you share on the public sections of this website. The ISW Network is not responsible for any publication or use of any personal information you choose to post in these locations.